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The Great Australian Fly

2013 was a big year with 360 Degree Films completing four major productions. There’s no rest for the wicked though. We’ve already begun filming our next exciting project, THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN FLY for ABC1.

The film is a light-hearted but scientifically intriguing homage to the fly and the less obvious ways in which it has shaped our nation. From medicine, science and agriculture, to, as one theory suggests, the development of the Australian accent!

Tosca Looby has come on to direct the programme and has completed some of the more time-critical filming from Sydney to Adelaide and everywhere in between. We’ve filmed maggots hatching and ‘juggling’ breadcrumbs with macro cinematographer Peter Nearhos, to dung beetles pushing poo around paddocks with award-winning cinematographer Peter Coleman. It’s certainly a glamorous job!

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