24.11.2014The Great Australian Fly has been delivered.


THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN FLY has flown off to the ABC and we expect it will go to air sometime in 2015.

In the meantime you can watch some of the behind the scenes clips, including an interview with Tosca Looby, the Director here. Talking high-speed camera technology, and the macro world of the fly with Director Of Photography Peter Nearhos here, and the masterful Gerry Long in the foley studio here!

21.11.2014Indian Wedding Race


Filming is underway for our SBS commissioned documentary INDIAN WEDDING RACE in Melbourne, as we follow three young Indian-Australians navigating the politics and pitfalls of finding a partner.

As tradition meets romance and parents meet potential suitors, these distinctive stories provide a unique insight into the challenges facing many young migrants in Australia. Can arranged marriage still work? Can you find love online? Are Indian-Australian parents out of step with rapidly modernising Indian values?

INDIAN WEDDING RACE will follow the trials and tribulations of these young Indians on their way to the alter – there’s sure to be broken hearts and high-drama; as well as henna, glittering saris, and a cast of thousands at the ultimate Big Fat Indian wedding! Thanks to both Film Victoria and Screen Australia for supporting the production.

17.11.2014Kids Unplugged


Carl Honore, world renowned ‘slow-coach’ has returned to Australia to film the second leg of KIDS UNPLUGGED – our documentary for the ABC about rescuing Australian kids from a culture of over-parenting.

Last visit Carl implemented a ‘slow schedule’ prompting three families to take a break from their scheduled activities and lock away their iPhones, iPads & laptops. Now he’s back to check in and see how they went, whether they feel better for it, or whether they are addicted to their fast-paced lifestyles.

Will they go from stressed and hectic to happy and unhurried via the power of ‘slow?’ Our filmmakers Tosca Looby & Alex Tarney are in a hurry to find out!

14.10.2014The Great Australian Fly


The GREAT AUSTRALIAN FLY is now in the capable hands of Tristan Meredith doing sound post and Antony Partos who’s composing a killer soundtrack.
We are very happy with the film and feel like audiences will be thrilled to learn about how Aussie flies are not just a nuisance but saving lives.
The film is for the ABC and should go to air in 2015. Produced with assistance from Film Victoria, Screen Australia and the ABC.

10.10.2014Kangaroo Mob returns to ABC


Filmed over a year, KANGAROO MOB follows a few remarkable urban ‘roos to provide a warm and entertaining look at what happens when human development encroaches and two very different species are forced to co-exist. If you’ve missed it you can catch up with the mob on ABC on 30 October 2014 11:00am.



08.10.2014Kids Unplugged


KIDS UNPLUGGED has commenced principal photography.

Following world-renowned advocate for slowing down the pace of parenting Carl Honoré, we enter the homes of three Australian families to answer the question: What happens when you throw out their schedules and switch off the screens?

Do their lives, relationships, thoughts and bodies feel better? Or is there no turning back when it comes to the modern pace of parenting and the need for speed?

07.10.2014Love & Marriage In Little India


We are excited that SBS has decided to commission our ob-doc about Indian Marriage in Melbourne. Directed by Sean Cousins and produced by Sally Ingleton, the one hour documentary for UNTOLD AUSTRALIA will explore how 3 young Aussie Indians are finding their life’s partner using a mix of traditional techniques like Mum and Dad back home in India as well as social media sites.

Development was supported by Screen Australia.

05.10.2014The Rock


Sally has traveled to Uluru 5 times in the past 4 months meeting with the traditional owners of Uluru and seeking permission to make a documentary for the 30th anniversary of the handback. We are pleased the Anangu people have supported the project and look forward to close collaboration.

Development was supported by Film Victoria and ABCTV.

10.9.2014Eureka Awards


ACID OCEAN Produced and Directed by Sally Ingleton was one of three nominees for Best Science Journalism Award at this years Eureka Prizes. A Gala event was held at the Sydney Town Hall on September  10th and Sally attended with Dr Katharina Fabricius.
Congratulations go to Sonya Pemberton who pipped us at the post.

11.8.2014The Great Australian Fly reaches rough cut


THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN FLY has been zipping along, with director Tosca Looby and editor Tony Stevens busy in the edit suite preparing the film for rough cut delivery to the ABC.

The film looks at the war Australians have waged on the fly as well as the rise and rise of household name ‘Louie the Fly,’ the flies role in forensic science, even surprising details regarding their sex life!

Antony Partos is set to provide a unique musical score to rival Rimsky-Korsakov’s ‘Flight Of the Bumblebee,’ inspired by the wingbeats of the common housefly. No pressure Antony!

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