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    Produced with the assistance of NITV, Screen Territory and Screen Australia.


Set in Wurrumiyanga, on the Tiwi Islands, this half hour documentary follows patrollers Janey Puautjimi and Camilla Timaepatua as they work through the night to ensure that the local kids are off the streets by 9pm and ready for school the next day. It’s a tough job as there are many distractions. Card games and mobile phones can keep kids up past their bedtime. When a 12-year old girl starts skipping class, Nilus Vigona from the school attendance strategy team – also known as the “yellow shirt mob” – enlists the help of the patrollers to locate the teenager. Set amidst the vibrant culture of Island life, with its Football carnivals and Catholic influences we witness firsthand how these remarkable local leaders sacrifice time with their own families to nurture the next generation of Tiwi leaders. A small community with a big heart, the people of Wurrumiyanga value family and safety. Tayamangajirri is a story of looking out for each other with people like Janey, Camilla and Nilus inspiring and engaging the community’s next generation of leaders.

[BANNER IMAGE Photo: Charmaine Ingram. ADDITIONAL IMAGE: Night Patrollers Janey and Camilla. Photo: Sally Ingleton].


  • Producer
    Sally Ingleton
  • Director
    Charmaine Ingram
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    Charmaine Ingram & Sally Ingleton