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    ABC / RTE / Arte France / SVT


Our planet is heating up and one of the first casualties will be the crops that supply our food. Scientists are working overtime to find solutions including going back to the ancestral origins of our staple foods.

Seed Hunter will take you on a remarkable journey from the drought ravaged farms of Australia, to the heart of the Middle East, to the mountains of Tajikistan where charismatic Australian scientist Dr Ken Street – a real life version of Indiana Jones – and his team of ‘gene detectives’ hunt for plant genes that will help our food withstand the impact of 21st century global warming.

Along the way we meet farmers around the world who are struggling to grow crops in a climate that’s gone haywire, as well as scientists working at the front line of gene technology to save tomorrow’s food. At journey’s end, deep in the Arctic Circle, Ken deposits his bounty of seed in the newly constructed seed bank known as the ‘doomsday vault.’

Follow the links above to explore and learn about these urgent issues.

  • Writer, Director, Producer
    Sally Ingleton
  • Camera
    Phillip Bull
  • Editor
    Tony Stevens ASE
  • Original Music
    Felicity Fox
  • Narrator
    Tara Morice
  • All Regions

    Looking Glass International
    499 Dundas Street
    St Andrews Beach
    VIC 3941

    Tel: +61 3 5988 6947

  • Winner
    Gold Panda Award, Sichuan TV Festival, China 2009
  • Winner
    Education Award, Japan Wildlife Film Festival, Japan August 2009
  • Nominated
    Best Environmental Documentary, Banff World Television Awards, Canada 2009
  • Winner
    Silver China Dragon Award Dragon China Award, CICSHP- China 2009.
  • Winner
    Excellence Prize 17th Earth Vision Environmental Film Festival - Japan 2009.
  • Winner
    Best Science, Environment and Technology Documentary Australian Teachers of Media Awards 2008
  • Winner
    Special Development Prize Vaasa Wildlife Film Festival - Finland 2008