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29-year-olds Dalvinder and Tarun are each looking for love. Both must balance the wishes of their traditional Indian parents with their own desire for a love-marriage but if they don’t get married by 30 they fear they will be seen as damaged goods and bring shame to their families. So each embarks on a frantic journey that takes them through the popular online dating world, to astrologers, matchmakers and even down the path of arranged marriage. INDIAN WEDDING RACE offers unique access to the world of Australia’s Indian community as it explores with pathos and humour the pressures young people face as they race to make it to the temple on time.

Press Quotes & Reviews

    Pick Of The Week...provides a window into a cultural world that's both entertaining and educational.

    Melinda Houston, The Age, Metro Magazine, Arts & Culture, 10 April 2016

    Pick Of The Week

    Lyndall Crisp, Quick Bites, Review, The Australian 9-10 April, 2016

    It's a charming, often funny, often heartbreaking journey into the universal qualities of family life, with a very personal insight into the push-and-pull binds of tradition for Australian-Indians.

    Sarah Thomas, The Age, Green Guide, 7 April 2016

    ...brilliant documentary...

    The Age, Green Guide, 12 April 2016

    It's a lighthearted yet engaging glimpse into Australia's Indian community.

    KN, The Age, Screen Grabs, Spectrum, 9 April 2016
  • Director
    Sean Cousins
  • Producer
    Sally Ingleton
  • Narrator
    Leah Vandenberg
  • Director Of Photography
    Peter Zakharov & Rocco Fasano
  • Editor
    Tony Stevens
  • Composer
    Dale Cornelius
  • Writers
    Sean Cousins, Sally Ingleton, Mic Looby
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