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THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN FLY looks at how a national nuisance has shaped Australia and its people, confounding our scientists, influencing our lifestyle and defining the way we speak. But is its value misunderstood? The one-hour documentary explores how this much-maligned spoiler of the Australian summer is in fact a crime solver, healer, pollinator and street sweeper. We’d miss them if they were gone, yet we put huge amounts of energy into wiping them out. Is it time to call a truce? Directed by Tosca Looby and produced by Sally Ingleton, the amusing and intriguing film pays homage to a much-maligned invertebrate and the influence it has had on our world. Part social history, part scientific study, THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN FLY introduces the people who devote their lives to flies through science, criminology, medicine, as breeders and for love. And it explains why we might need to stop swatting and start embracing the fly, because, like it or not, this pesky little insect looms large in our past, our present and our future.

Press Quotes & Reviews

    Exploring the world of the fly necessarily strays into some pretty off putting territory. But if you have the stomach for it, this is an enlightening look at one of Australia’s oldest and most important inhabitants. 3.5 Stars

    Melinda Houston, The Age, 5 April 2015

    Fun and Factual 3.5 Stars

    Herald Sun, 1 April 2015

    Science and humour are happy bedfellows in this eye-opening account of misunderstood insects.

    The Age Green Guide Hot List, 2 April 2015

    Narrated by John Doyle, The Great Australian Fly is a fun blend of serious nature doco and social history, with some amazing cinematography and a look back through history at our relationship with flies.

    KN, The Saturday Age, Screen Grabs TV Review, 4 April 2015

    I would never have imagined that I would call a documentary on flies – all 30,000 species of them – charming, but that’s exactly what this is.

    Louise Rugendyke, Canberra Times, 6 April 2015

    Who would have thought that a documentary about flies could be so funny?

    Weekend West, Perth, Review, 4 April 2015
  • Director
    Tosca Looby
  • Producer
    Sally Ingleton
  • Narrator
    John Doyle
  • Editor
    Tony Stevens
  • Foley Artist
    Gerry Long
  • Sound Designer
    Tristan Meredith
  • Composers
    Antony Partos/David McCormack
  • Nominated
    Best Science Journalism Award, 2015 Eureka Prizes
  • Nominated
    Best Editing, 2016 SCIENCE MEDIA AWARDS & SUMMIT
  • Silver Prize
    China Dragon Awards, 2016