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    SBS / CH4 UK


For decades people in China modelled themselves on Chairman Mao who wore a simple worker’s outfit in blue or grey. It was known as the ‘Mao Suit’. To wear anything different meant that you stood out – and in China any sign of independent thought has always been dangerous.

But China’s door has opened and the next generation has emerged seeking an individual identity separate from the State.

“Young people are definitely not like their parents. They prefer to make money, do business and advance their career. They will not sacrifice their life and personal ideals for politics. Those days are gone. People aren’t like that anymore”.

  • Winner
    Kodak Eastman Award Windy City Documentary Fest Chicago 1998
  • Finalist
    Dendy Award Best Documentary Sydney Film Fest. 1998
  • Nominated
    Best Documentary Hawaii International Film Festival 1997