11.10.2016Update on our Maria Island Tasmanian Devil Friends


With the return of DEVIL ISLAND to ABC TV (Episode 3 airs 11am Friday 14 October 2016), we thought it was time to give our Devil fans an update.

You may recall that 15 devils were relocated to Maria Island in late 2012. Since then the animals have been busy breeding and have now grown the island’s Tasmanian devil population to around 82 adults. Sadly, at least four of the devils followed in the Devil Island TV series have died due to old age (the average devil lifespan is up to five years).

This successful population growth has provided animals for release back onto the mainland.

In late August 2016, thirty-three healthy Tasmanian devils were released onto the mainland at Stony Head in Tasmania’s north.  These devils have been immunised with a vaccine that has been developed to combat the devil facial tumour disease, which has wiped out more than eighty percent of the devil population since it emerged twenty years ago.  These immunised devils will interact and breed with the wild, diseased population at the Stony Head release area, bolstering their genetic diversity.

Twenty-five of these released immunised devils have been fitted with satellite tracking collars so that scientists […]

02.8.2016Science Awards & Summit Nominations for 360


360 Degree Films is pleased to have received two award nominations for the 2016 Science Awards & Summit.

Congratulations to Editor Tony Stevens & Assistant Editor Alan Bennett who have been nominated for the Editing Award for THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN FLY.

360 Degree Films’ LETHAL SEAS (the US version of ACID OCEAN for NOVA/WGBH Boston in association with ARTE and Unité Découverte Et Connaissance) has also been nominated for the Changing Planet Award.

We wish all the finalists luck!

20.4.2016Coffee Hunter


Finally big congrats to Jeff Hann and Roland Fraval who used the 360 facilities to edit their COFFEE HUNTER project. The film was locked off in mid March. And we welcome Jeff Daniels to the building with his project for SBS on AFL footballer Heritier Lumumba.

05.4.2016Indian Wedding Race on SBS


We are thrilled that SBS has chosen INDIAN WEDDING RACE to launch the first Untold Australia season. The documentary goes to air April 13th 8.30pm and will be available at SBS On Demand for a couple of weeks. Big thumbs up to all our amazing cast and crew who have contributed to making the film a big success.

05.4.2016The Oldest River


Also in development is OLDEST RIVER IN THE WORLD and Sally went to Central Australia in March to do some time critical filming of scientific surveys of the Finke River.

05.4.2016The Market


In development is THE MARKET with support from Film Victoria. We are gradually finding our cast of colourful characters at Melbourne’s most multicultural workplace. Big changes are afoot at the city’s beloved Queen Vic Market and our team of Naomi Elkin Jones and Georgina Savage are following what promises to be a David and Goliath story.

05.4.2016360 welcomes Georgina Savage


360 Degree Films welcomes Georgina Savage to our production team. Georgie started in early February and has been a terrific asset to the company helping out with the development and research of our current slate.

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