30.12.2013Aussie Animal Island Episode 6


In a resounding success for this groundbreaking scientific project, the final episode of Aussie Animal Island follows the little devils as they prepare for their first breeding season.

While a few miles away on mainland Tasmania, devil facial tumor disease continues to ravage the populations. Reba, Remmy and this pioneering squad give new hope the species can be saved.

Episode 6 airs tomorrow night, on ITV in the UK, at 7:30pm. We hope you enjoy this final episode! Head on over to Facebook to share your experience of the series.


17.12.2013360 in Cambodia


In November, 360 Degree Films’ CEO Sally Ingleton travelled to Cambodia and filmed some short web videos about agricultural aid projects for ACIAR and the Crawford Fund.

The videos will be edited in January and will appear on the 360 website in 2014.

17.12.2013The Tenth Dancer 20 Year Reunion


It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago The Tenth Dancer  was filmed in Phnom Penh. The documentary was made for ABC and BBC and won many awards around the world. The film is well known in Cambodia and whilst in Phnom Penh a 20th anniversary screening was held at Meta House Cultural Centre.

360’s Sally Ingleton caught up with the main subjects of the film, Sok Chea and the wonderful Em Theay to mark the occassion.

17.12.2013Aussie Animal Island Episode 5


Four months releasing 15 Tasmanian devils on remote Maria Island, the scientists receive disturbing news, but hope arrives as the females prepare to mate for the first time. The fifth installment of Aussie Animal Island goes to air at 7:30pm on ITV UK tonight. Don’t miss out!

11.11.2013Aussie Animal Island Episode 4


The Tasmanian devils face the challenge of their lives with an influx of tourists and a record-breaking heat wave that could spell the end for these tough little predators. Tune in tomorrow night to ITV at 7:30pm to watch the next installment of Aussie Animal Island.

28.10.2013Aussie Animal Island Episode 3


Episode 3 of Aussie Animal Island airs tomorrow night at 7:30pm on ITV in the UK. This episode sees the other animals of Maria Island ‘Meet the Neighbours from Hell.’ How will they cope living with the devils, and how will the devils find their new found freedom? As the newly released Tasmanian devils explore their new home on Maria Island, the hand-reared predators find the going tough and must dig deep to find the wild animal within. Head on over to Facebook and tell us what you think of Aussie Animal Island.

12.10.2013Acid Ocean set to screen on SVT Sweden!


We are very happy to announce that Acid Ocean is set to air on SVT Sweden at 8pm on November 11 2013!

From the icy polar seas to the world’s most pristine coral reefs, Acid Ocean tracks the latest in marine scientific research and meets an Australian scientist who has made a game-changing discovery. Nestled among Papua New Guinea’s stunning coral gardens, coral ecologist Dr Katharina Fabricius has found a unique reef, which opens a window to the future of our oceans, unlocking the secrets of ocean acidification, one of the biggest environmental challenges facing our planet today.

09.10.2013Acid Ocean is complete.


After 2.5 years in the making we have also completed ACID OCEAN – produced anddirected by Sally Ingleton and edited by Simon Wright and Uri Mizrahi. The program has been delivered already to  Arte France, SBS and SVT with delivery still underway to WGBH/NOVA and ZDF who has its own half hour version.

Just hours after the film was restriped Sally jumped on a plane bound for Stockholm with tape in hand and had a very successful premiere at the Film and Science Festival at the Nobel Museum. Sally was invited to present her film and the audiences generated a stimulating discussion about climate change and what we can all do.

Special thanks to the Australian Embassy in Sweden who made Sally’s trip possible.

08.10.2013Devil Island has been delivered!


September and October have been busy months at 360 Degree Films. All the versions of Devil Island have been completed and delivered. It was mammoth and many thanks to Series Director Andrew Sully and the amazing post team at DDP Studios, Mike Gissing conducting the sound mix and Dale Cornelius who composed the score.

The 6 x 26:30 minute versions have been delivered to ABCTV, France TV and National Geographic International.

The 6 x 22.20 minute versions have been delivered to ITV where 2 episodes have already gone to air with great audiences of 2.1 and 2.4 million tuning in respectively.

3 x 50 has been delivered to National Geographic for worldwide distribution.

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