27.9.2013Possum Wars screens tonight on ARTE France.


‘Possum Wars’ is set to screen on ARTE France tonight at 7:00pm, and again at  7:15am on Saturday the 28th of September.

Tune in as ‘Possum Wars’ lifts the lid on the private world of Australia’s most unwanted marsupial, and its battle to survive in the big city.

If you enjoy the film head on over to the Facebook page and let us know what you thought. We’d love your take on Mumsy and Scamps adventures, and the role of activists and Council in the possums survival in the city.

23.9.2013Aussie Animal Island Episode 2


The second episode of Aussie Animal Island is set to air on ITV in the UK tomorrow night. This episode sees the Scientists put the Tasmanian devils through personality tests to make sure they can cope with the adventure that awaits them – and freedom for the first time – on remote Maria Island.

Did you watch the first episode? Head on over to the Facebook page to tell us what you thought!


03.9.2013Aussie Animal Island Episode 1


The first episode of our 6 part series on Tasmanian Devils for ITV in the UK, Aussie Animal Island, is set to air tonight at 7:30pm.

The first episode ‘Mission: Maria Island,’  sees three Tasmanian devil joeys, Reba, Remmy and Ruben, prepare to leave life in captivity, for an adventure into the wild that may hold the key to the survival of their species.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Head on over to Facebook to join the conversation.


02.9.2013Devil Island/Aussie Animal Island soon to air on ITV!


Devil Island/Aussie Animal Island has finally locked picture on all the episodes and versions. Big thank you to the edit team of Tony Stevens, Mark Fletcher, Steven Robinson, Simon Wright, Rob Buttery and Alex Archer.

Dale Cornelius has completed all the music composition and the episodes are now being mixed by Mike Gissing down in Hobart.

The series starts on ITV in the UK on September 3 at 7.30pm.

02.9.2013Acid Ocean is in the final stages of the edit.


Simon Wright has taken over from Uri Mizrahi and is steering the ship home with some help from edit ace Steven Robinson.

The film has already been invited to open the Under The Sea Film Festival in Avoca NSW 18-20 October.

Delivery is due to PBS Nova, Arte France, SVT, SBS and ZDF at the end of September.

29.7.2013Acid Ocean


Uri Mizrahi finished up as editor on ‘Acid Ocean’ in early July and is now working on a feature abut Damien Parer. Thanks Uri for all your work and for getting the film into such good shape. Simon Wright picked up the reins on July 22 and is now busy learning all about ocean acidification.

Producer/Director Sally Ingleton hopes the program will be completed by the end of August and delivered to the many broadcast partners (PBS, Arte France, ZDF, SVT).

26.7.2013Devil Island is nearing completion.


‘Devil Island’ is finally in its final stage in the edit. We have locked the picture on 3 episodes and they are now in sound post production.Dale Cornelius is busy composing a wonderful score and Mike Gissing is designing the soundscape.

In early July the crew spent a few days down on Maria Island doing the last bit of filming for episode 6. We were hoping to find our female devil Reba with young joeys in her pouch and luckily for us and the series we did!

Thanks to the Save The Tasmanian Devil team for all their amazing help an patience with our filming.


23.7.2013The Talented Mr. Stone


The arts documentary ‘A Day In The Life of Simon Stone’ has a new name. ‘The Talented Mr Stone’ which is about the work of theatre director Simon Stone.
Much of the credit goes to Director/Cameraman Simon Target who has been shadowing Stone for months. The film has been completed and will go to air on ABC Artscape in October.

21.7.2013Thanks Alex Archer…


On July 19 we farewelled Alex Archer who had been with us for a couple of months as one of our editors. Alex did a great job helping to pull together the series. And good timing…Alex’s partner gave birth the next day.

Congrats to Alex and Charlotte.

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