08.8.2014Acid Ocean is a Eureka Prize finalist.


Presented annually by the Australian Museum, the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes reward excellence in the fields of science research and communication.

This year 360 Degree Films is delighted to announce that ACID OCEAN a one hour documentary produced in association with (PBS NOVA/SBS/ARTE FRANCE/ZDF/SVT) and funded by Film Victoria and Screen Australia has been selected as a finalist in the Best Science Journalism Award category.

Director & Producer Sally Ingleton, and Dr Katharina Fabricius from the Australian Institute of Marine Science, will be attending the Award Dinner on 10 September which will celebrate the finalists and winners. 360 Degree Films is honoured to be listed amongst them.

ACID OCEAN highlights the work of Dr Fabricius and many of her colleagues around the world as they study the impact that rising carbon emissions is having on our oceans. We thank the Australian Museum for their support and consideration for this prestigious award.

10.6.2014Casting for Kids Unplugged


360 Degree Films is in the final stages of financing for a one hour documentary about ‘slow coach’ Carl Honore’s mission to change the pace of parenting, KIDS UNPLUGGED. Carl has just six weeks to turn three busy families from stressed and hectic to happy and unhurried – via the power of ‘slow.’ We’ve begun casting and are looking for three families who are up to the challenge. Carl will throw out schedules and replace the race with a journey, and we’ll be there, cameras rolling, to find out if these families lives, relationships, thoughts and bodies feel better, or if there is no turning back. Its an exciting experiment for the right family. If you’re interested in getting involved contact info@360degreefilms.com.au.

06.6.2014The Great Australian Fly Update


Funding has been confirmed for our latest documentary, THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN FLY. Written and directed by Tosca Looby for the ABC, this one hour film examines the annoying pest and the influence it has had on shaping Australia. We’ve been filming with flies all over the country and are about to move into post production, with Tony Stevens back in the edit chair. We’re looking forward to telling the story of this national nuisance and the myriad of surprising ways in which it has helped make Australia.

26.3.2014Devil Island returns due to popular demand!


If you missed Devil Island on ABC1 the first time around, we are delighted to announce that it is returning to your screens from now until the end of April every Wednesday. Don’t miss an episode, details below.

Episode 1: 1.30pm, Wednesday 26 March
Episode 2: 1.30pm, Wednesday 2 April
Episode 3: 1.30pm, Wednesday 9 April
Episode 4: 1.30pm, Wednesday 16 April
Episode 5: 1.30pm, Wednesday 23 April
Episode 6: 1.30pm, Wednesday 30 April

Devil Island was produced by 360 Degree Films in association with ABC TV, ITV and France TV. Production investment from Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Screen Tasmania.

19.3.2014The Great Australian Fly


2013 was a big year with 360 Degree Films completing four major productions. There’s no rest for the wicked though. We’ve already begun filming our next exciting project, THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN FLY for ABC1.

The film is a light-hearted but scientifically intriguing homage to the fly and the less obvious ways in which it has shaped our nation. From medicine, science and agriculture, to, as one theory suggests, the development of the Australian accent!

Tosca Looby has come on to direct the programme and has completed some of the more time-critical filming from Sydney to Adelaide and everywhere in between. We’ve filmed maggots hatching and ‘juggling’ breadcrumbs with macro cinematographer Peter Nearhos, to dung beetles pushing poo around paddocks with award-winning cinematographer Peter Coleman. It’s certainly a glamorous job!

17.3.2014Asian Side Of the Doc 2014


Sally is in Chengdu, China, for Asian Side Of the Doc. Having joined the delegation selected by Screen Australia to attend the 2013 conference in Malaysia, Sally is a two-time recipient of the Enterprise Asia Grant designed to strengthen business relationships with Asian broadcasters and production companies. Also attending is Simon Christopher, from specialist underwater cinematography company Scubazoo who filmed some of the gorgeous underwater sequences for ACID OCEAN last year. Together they are pitching some of the other projects we have in development.

16.3.2014Devil Island airs on ABC1


The finale episode of the 6-part nature series DEVIL ISLAND we produced for ABC1 went to air last Saturday. The series was met with positive feedback, with many audience members taking to Facebook and Twitter to let us know how much they enjoyed the programme. Nearly four years ago, director Andrew Sully sent producer Sally Ingleton the idea of following the release of the captive Tasmanian devils onto remote Maria Island. Its been quite a journey for those little devils and our own Devil team, who have done a magnificent job of bringing the Devils stories to peoples’ screens.

We have made the DVD available via our online store if you weren’t able to catch it as it went to air.

Thanks again to all those who were involved in the production of this wonderful series, and to the funding bodies Screen Australia, Screen Tasmania and Film Victoria for their ongoing support.

21.1.2014Devil Island set to screen on ABC1.


At last! 360 Degree Films is very excited to announce that our brand new series, Devil Island, is going to air on ABC1 throughout February and March this year. Our friends in the UK were lucky enough to tune in last year on ITV, with more than 2.2 million people tuning in for each episode and falling in love with the Tasmanian Devils featured in the series.

Now its our Australian fans turn to to watch the drama unfold over six exciting episodes. Its been a long time coming, and our dedicated crew have been there to capture every moment as the scientists of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program selected the Tasmanian Devils to make the exciting move, and followed them as they settled into their new island home.

A great big heartfelt thanks from all of us at 360 Degree Films to all of those involved in the production along the way.

Devil Island’s first episode will screen on ABC1 on the 1st of February at 6:00PM.

Devil Island was produced in association with ABCTV, ITV and France TV. It was funded with the amazing support of Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Screen Tasmania.

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