At last! 360 Degree Films is very excited to announce that our brand new series, Devil Island, is going to air on ABC1 throughout February and March this year. Our friends in the UK were lucky enough to tune in last year on ITV, with more than 2.2 million people tuning in for each episode and falling in love with the Tasmanian Devils featured in the series.

Now its our Australian fans turn to to watch the drama unfold over six exciting episodes. Its been a long time coming, and our dedicated crew have been there to capture every moment as the scientists of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program selected the Tasmanian Devils to make the exciting move, and followed them as they settled into their new island home.

A great big heartfelt thanks from all of us at 360 Degree Films to all of those involved in the production along the way.

Devil Island’s first episode will screen on ABC1 on the 1st of February at 6:00PM.

Devil Island was produced in association with ABCTV, ITV and France TV. It was funded with the amazing support of Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Screen Tasmania.