Tune in to ABC2 this Sunday night, the 25th of November, for the premiere of 360 Degree Films latest documentary, Queen Of the Desert!

Receiving positive reviews at both its screenings in Alice Springs and Melbourne, as well in The Age, on ABC radio and Radio National, Queen Of the Desert is not to be missed!

Like a real life Priscilla, Starlady takes us on her own Queen of the Desert journey to Areyonga, an indigenous community in Central Australia. Here she works with some of Australia’s most isolated teenagers using a little bit of bleach and a whole lot of colour in the hope to spread confidence and pride.

There is more than just hairdressing happening in this makeshift salon as Starlady herself finds acceptance and friendship in what some might see as the most unlikely of places.

Starring Starlady Nungari & Areyonga Community, Directed by Alex Kelly and Produced Josephine Wright.

If you don’t make it don’t be too dissapointed! The film will also be availible on ABC iview from the 26th November www.abc.net.au/iview.