Tibet: Murder in the Snow continues its long-lasting success in festivals across the globe. We are very excited to anounce two new screenings for the film at the Banff Mountain Festival in Canada and the Home Planet Festival of New York in the USA.

The film is showing as part of “Daytime Screening Programme A” at the Banff Mountain Festival. The festival is a nine-day celebration of mountain culture with art, film, literature, talks and more. “Daytime Screening Programme A” in which Tibet: Murder in the Snow is the second film, screens on Saturday 6 November and Sunday 7 November at 9:00am. Please visit the festival website for more information.

The film has also been named as a winner of Best Documentary Feature in the Home Planet Film Festival of New York. This festival focuses on films that tell stories about what is happening in the world around us, especially seeking “films and film works that display international, human and global divides throughout the world.”

Tibet: Murder in the Snow will be screening at the June Havoc Theatre in Manhattan at 2:25pm on Friday, October 22. Visit the website to find out more.