360 Degree Films is currently filming Kangaroo Mob, a documentary about kangaroos in Canberra for ABC TV and other international broadcasters. Over the coming year the crew will be following several kangaroo mobs on their journeys into the suburbs of Canberra.

We are looking for all types of stories about humans and kangaroos interacting and would love to speak to any members of the Canberra public with a story about kangaroo encounters. Perhaps you have a roo that visits regularly, swims in your pool, or grazes in your backyard. Or maybe one of your pets has had a close encounter with Skippy.

Whatever your story, bizarre, funny or confrontational, 360 Degree Films would love to hear from you.

Also – if you see any kangaroos in unusual places, please film them on your mobile phone or video camera and send them in to us!

If you can help, please contact Kate Breen at 360 Degree Films on 03 9948 1922 or send her an email.