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As Australia’s new and established environmental warriors link arms to begin the biggest fight of their lives – attempting to stop the behemoth which could become Australia’s biggest coal mine – we look back at what got them here: The game changing moments requiring people to stand up against forces more powerful than themselves and say, quite simply, ‘no’.

From the rolling stone that became the iconic Franklin River campaign in Tasmania, to the complexities of Cape York combats, to the birth of the world’s first ever Green party, we discover the empowering nature of civil disobedience. But there’s more than one way to skin a feral cat and sometimes it’s better not to get your hands dirty: We meet the strategic entrepreneurs today driving Australia’s renewables, and the unlikely green warriors who work within the system to turn dissent from a whistle, to a shout, to a movement that harnesses the public imagination.

The people who drove Australia’s most dynamic environmental campaigns, tell us how and why they put their bodies where their mouths are, and a new generation reveals how they’re throwing out the rule book on a system they believe has left the planet broken and in its death throes.   It’s a harrowing ride, powered by the optimism of people who believe radical ideas will, and must, win the day.

  • Producer
    Sally Ingleton
  • Writer/Director
    Tosca Looby
  • Images
    Rob Blakers
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