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The people, the power and the passion behind Australia’s most remarkable environmental campaigns, and how they lead us to today, a battle to save humans from themselves.

Australia is at a turning point in its collective story.

After 230 years of European occupation, every corner of the Continent has changed. We have paved it, built it up, dug it out, changed its ecosystems and inhabitants.

We are clearing land faster than any other developed country on Earth.

Creating more carbon per capita than any other country on earth.

In the past decade, over 100 million native birds, reptiles and mammals have died as their habitat is destroyed – just in New South Wales

Twenty million trees are cleared every year – just in Queensland.

Half the Great Barrier Reef is dead.

1,700 native species are threatened.

And yet, as a population – overwhelmingly — we say we love this place.

We love the outdoors. We love Australia’s wild places.

So, will we fight for it?

  • Producer
    Sally Ingleton
  • Director
    Sally Ingleton
  • Executive Producer
    Shaun Miller
  • Images
    Rob Blakers
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