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News Archive: 2010


Penguin Island Premieres on BBC1

Over 3.4 million people tuned into Penguin Island when it premiered on BBC1 on July 14. BBC Director General Mark Thompson even put the program on his own BBC Showcase site.

Here’s what the Daily Telegraph had to say..

Penguin Island (BBC One) came as a welcome palate cleanser, the kind of thing that gives you a caramelly glow before you’ve even watched it. It was a series about a penguin sanctuary on Phillip Island, a few miles off the south coast of Australia, and from the moment Rolf Harris piped up on the voice-over as if Animal Hospital had never ended, you knew you were in for a brazen anthropomorphic schmaltzfest.

Like the meerkats before them – now worldwide stars – the little pingus were set up in a sort of soap narrative: gutsy commoners navigating the choppy waters of love, sex, family and death. Bluey was coupled up with Sheila, but Sheila had gone fishing and not returned. Would Bluey be able to protect their eggs from the designs of lurking Mr Fox and sneaky Mr Snake? Or how about this week’s beaky love triangle: which of Spike the dimwit and Rocky the loner would get the girl? They ended up coming to blows after she put out with both of them. It was like EastEnders, basically, but with much cuter animals than Phil Mitchell.

It is a simple fact that anyone who can watch penguins and their chicks waddling about like Manuel from Fawlty Towers and not go just a little bit mushy, is probably dead. Penguin Island was about as cutting edge as a glob of putty, but, to borrow a phrase, a man who is tired of nature documentaries about penguins is tired of life.

– Benji Wilson

Read the full review.


Penguin Island to screen on BBC1 July 14th

At last 360 Degree Films is very excited to announce that the brand new series Penguin Island is going to air on BBC1 in the UK this week.

Tune in to find out more about the rangers, the residents and of course the Little Penguins of Phillip Island as they take us through the annual breeding season. You’ll meet memorable characters, learn some astounding facts and fall in love with the Little Penguins over six exciting episodes.

Penguin Island’s first episode “Love is in the Air” will screen on BBC1, July 14th at 7:30pm.


Charles Bean’s Great War now in production

Charles Bean’s Great War started filming in and around Williamstown last week covering significant moments in his life both pre and post war.

Careful casting has seen all of us amazed at the likeness that Nick Farnell carries for Bean and Nick has certainly thrown himself entirely into the role.

The production moves on to the war years next week with purpose built trenches and a swag of circa WWI uniforms, guns, hats and haircuts.

Charles Bean’s Great War is playing on the History Channel in November. (more…)


John Gollings: Eye For Architecture wins at the Australian Institute of Architecture Awards 2010

Producer Sally Ingleton was pleased to be awarded the National Bates Smart Award for Architecture in the Media for her film John Gollings: Eye for Architecture.

The Bates Smart Awards are among the most prestigious in Australia and are part of the Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter annual awards program. This year the award ceremony was held at the Crown Palladium on June 25.

The documentary was indeed well received by the Institute, receiving this wonderful write-up on the Institute website:

National Award: Sally Ingleton for ‘John Gollings-Eye for Architecture’

Sally Ingleton has produced and directed a remarkable documentary, John Gollings: Eye for Architecture, which both documents his distinguished career and provides an insight into the volatile lives of people who make architecture.

Supported by SBS, Film Victoria and other sponsor groups and at some 57 minutes long, this film shows Gollings broad range of interests – from photographing large commercial works to his long-term archaeological project in India.

For architects, the film gives insight into a profession which is trying to make exciting and enduring buildings under difficult circumstances.

For students of architecture in Melbourne, Ingleton enables us to better understand the culture of Melbourne architects.

For those who know John Gollings, he comes through as a confident yet unpretentious, well-grounded master of his profession.

Read more about the Australian Institute of Architects.

Want a copy of ‘John Gollings: Eye for Architecture’ to call your own? Purchase one today at the 360 online store.


The Trial set to screen in Tasmania

360 Degree Films, Wide Angle Tasmania and the State Cinema of Tasmania are proud to present a screening of The Trial, followed by a Q&A with Joan Robinson (director and writer) and Greg Barns (barrister and documentary participant).

The screening will take place at the State Cinema in North Hobart, starting at 8:30pm with the Q&A session to follow.

Bookings are essential – please call 03 6223 8344 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required.

We are very pleased at the opportunity to work with Wide Angle Tasmania on this event, an organisation that aims to inform and encourage Tasmanian audiences as well as support and collaborate with industry practitioners. Visit the Wide Angle Tasmania website for more information on the event and the organisation.


360 Degree Films’ Festival Success Continues

Our films have been having a busy time of it across the globe recently, visiting many festivals in many countries.

Last week two of our films, Seed Hunter and Tibet: Murder in the Snow screened as part of the Awareness Film and Arts Festival in California, USA. The festival focuses on films that entertain as well as promote education and awareness.

We have also been informed that Seed Hunter has been invited to be part of the China Animal and Nature Film Festival which will take place in Ya’an, China, a city that is famous for its Jjajin mountain range – the breeding place of Giant Pandas. The festival will run from 1-7 August, 2010.

Stay tuned for more festival news!


Canberra Weekly features Kangaroo Mob

Word is spreading fast about the new documentary Kangaroo Mob. 360 has been publicising the upcoming film left right and centre, as well as calling out for kangaroo stories on the radio, web and in print.

Recently producer Sally Ingleton spoke to the Canberra Weekly about the production.

Read the interview (PDF)


Calling all Kangaroo Watchers…

360 Degree Films is currently filming Kangaroo Mob, a documentary about kangaroos in Canberra for ABC TV and other international broadcasters. Over the coming year the crew will be following several kangaroo mobs on their journeys into the suburbs of Canberra.

We are looking for all types of stories about humans and kangaroos interacting and would love to speak to any members of the Canberra public with a story about kangaroo encounters. Perhaps you have a roo that visits regularly, swims in your pool, or grazes in your backyard. Or maybe one of your pets has had a close encounter with Skippy.

Whatever your story, bizarre, funny or confrontational, 360 Degree Films would love to hear from you.

Also – if you see any kangaroos in unusual places, please film them on your mobile phone or video camera and send them in to us!

If you can help, please contact Kate Breen at 360 Degree Films on 03 9948 1922 or email hidden; JavaScript is required.


Two New Productions Financed for 360 Degree Films

At the Screen Australia Board Meeting in March, a decision was made to fund two new projects by 360 Degree Films.

Kangaroo Mob, a one-hour documentary, will look at the world of the mob of kangaroos that are taking over the suburbs of Canberra and the team of scientists and ecologists following their every move.

Charles Bean’s Great War will chart the remarkable life of war correspondent, obsessive historian and reluctant mythmaker Charles Bean – the man credited with the creation of the Anzac legend.

Kangaroo Mob is set to begin production in May and Charles Bean’s Great War will commence production in June.


Penguin Island – Approaching Final Cut

Penguin Island is getting close to fine cut for all six episodes. Editor Steve Robinson finished up at Easter and now it’s up to Tony “Scissorhands” Stevens to wrangle the rest of the episodes to the finish line.

The team has been fielding notes left, right and centre from all the  broadcaster partners (ABC, BBC and Arte France) along with the terrific science team at the Phillip Island Nature Park. The series is looking great and the Little Penguins are certain to charm audiences far and wide.

Bergen O’Brien has been busy cutting clips for the website, including some lovely memories of the penguin parade from Victorians over the years.

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